Galaxie Led lights! Illuminating the future; enlightening Pakistan. Galaxie LED comes with a vision of illuminating the living style of the people of Pakistan while keeping energy efficient resources its main concern. Our main focus is to satisfy the basic need of our customer and we know what out customer wants when ti comes to lighting. the future of Lighting is LED’s.

We Are The Best

Galaxie Lighting Solutions provide you the best quality product in the market. We know in the modern era of competition the key rule to survive is to provide the best quality product. We assure to provide the top quality product.
Cost Effective
Led Lights consume less electricity but that doesn’t mean that you purchase expensive product. Galaxie provides you the top quality product in economical rates. Our price is guaranteed.
Galaxie Lighting Solution is not only providing top quality products in reasonable prices we are also determined to provide the latest and stylish products for our customers.

Our Services

Galaxie Lighting Solutions is working hard to meet clients requirements and provide the best quality work which meet the client satisfaction level.

  • Commercial LED Lighting.
  • Domestic LED Lighting.
  • Bulk order services to dealers.


Galaxie LED lights strictly carries out international quality control standards in order to ensure superior quality products. Series of measures for quality improvement has made product fully guaranteed. Galaxie LED lights acquires talented team and a valued talent pool to ensure that our customer needs are met. First Class testing equipment and advocating the concept of “Humanism”, which enables our product to be more professional in market. Our manufacturing unit is located in industrial area on Sheikhupura Road, to cater the urban businesses, Galaxie Led lights has its head office located in the heart of Lahore, Pakistan i-e jail Road which lined to almost all major parts of the city. We insist on market-oriented, production revolved around sales providing our customer the importance one needs while making something of their OWN, this is further strengthened by our best service and excellent quality through customer service. Galaxie LED lights is being structured under the pillar of Excellent Quality, value for money, Marketing Network and after-sales services. It aims to earn the customer trust and respect. Galaxie Led Lights support innovation to bring you a new shinning life.


Our Mission
Enlightening countries by capitalizing the use of ENERGY efficient resources.
Our Vision
Innovation in LED products for a sustainable, GREENER world.